The Pilgrim Church on Earth, Memory and the Nonsense of Baphomet

Memoria.  It was the term for aspects involving memory in Western classical rhetoric. The word is Latin, and can be translated as “memory.” The art of rhetoric grew out of oratory, which was the central medium for intellectual and political life in ancient Greece. Legal proceedings, political debates, philosophical inquiry were all conducted through spoken discourse.  It […]

Epic Fails in Vacation Bible School History

Saxony 502: First VBS of the Barbarians: Snack time consisted of mead and mutton. Team Hrothgar got drunk and woke up a dragon; it destroyed their village. Paris 1212:  The First French VBS: Children’s Crusade:  Kids made swords and shields in the craft class with a 12 year old teen leader who decided that the […]

I Knee Me a Break.

Well, today is Friday and the last day of Vacation of Bible School.  And I am tired.  Friday of Vacation School Tired.  Crazy Tired.  Usually I am just crazy.  But today I am bone crazy tired.   When its Friday of VBS, parents are invited to stay and watch and see what we at VBS […]

Another Modest Proposal, Though Not as Swift

I am not a specist. But, considering how long your kind have enjoyed being at the zenith of the food chain, the mighty are falling.  You homosapiens, with your bipedalism and your opposable thumbs have, for too long, enjoyed life uninterrupted.   I am here to discuss the plight of swimmers and their battle against […]