Faith and Reason

  • “Ć’aith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth. . .


{But} In the field of scientific research, a positivistic mentality takes hold . . . It follows that certain scientists, lacking any ethical point of reference puts in danger at the centre of their concerns something other than the human person and the entirety of the person’s life. . .

Religion and Science 2

Further still, some of these, {scientists} seem to succumb not only to a market-based logic, but also to the temptation of a quasi-divine power over nature and even over the human being.

As a result of the crisis of rationalism, what appears finally is nihilism. As a philosophy of nothingness, it has a certain attraction for people of our time. Science and Religion 3Science and Religion 1

Its adherents claim that the search is an end in itself, without any hope or possibility of ever attaining the goal of truth. In the nihilist interpretation, life is no more than an occasion for sensations and experiences in which the ephemeral has pride of place.

Science and Religion

Nihilism is at the root of the widespread mentality which claims that a definitive commitment should no longer be made, because everything is fleeting and provisional. ”

—FIDES ET RATIO, Saint John Paul the Great, 9/14/1998

If you do not march for Truth, you are marching for nihilism. The methodology of science is a discipline that requires one to make a hypothesis by observations, performing experiments, analyzing data, conducting repeatable tests, and making a conclusion that others, using the same data, can achieve.Galileo

To the people marching making disparaging remarks about people of faith, you fundamentally misunderstand the different roles of faith and reason. You do not march for science, you march for a quasi divine power in the faith that nihilism preempts the diginity of the human person.

Louis Pasteur

Faith is not hostile to science. Indeed, the greatest scientists in Western Civilization were men and women of great faith.


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