A Soccer Poem with No Curse Words

When leaves are crisp and air is cool,
And homework sullies the start of school.
We don the sweats and cleats of muck
And drive the miles and think what the heck?


We stand in rain, we sit in the cold.
We should bring laundry, at least to fold.


We really should walk, the track to hit.
But little one comes, I ain’t carrying that. . . blessing.

Saint Regina

When sun and rain make all things new
When springtime projects from school are due,

Death Photo 2015

Twelve tournaments are scheduled, tallied by a mass of goals.                                                                                                     And you think to yourself, the organizers are able souls                                                                                                                 So gather ye rosebuds while ye may.But gathering socks will cause dismay.


Find the uniform and the missing cleat.                                                                                                                                      Pray that snacks this week are not your beat.                                                                                                                          Return to home, in dark of night,                                                                                                                                           Dirty, hungry, with hours of homework to fight.

Dante Project

Command they bathe–hope that soap reaches moistened skin                                                                                                         Do not ask if they removed the guard from upon their shin.                                                                                                   Nuggets, hot dogs, or scrambled eggs will certainly do                                                                                                       Remember ketchup is a vegetable too


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