Lions and Cowards and Babes—Must Die!

     There are currently 108 “We the People. . .” open petitions on the official White House Office Web Site for Americans to have “a voice in our goverment.” Of these 108 petitions, 6 deal with the the dead lion in Africa and 2 deal with the selling of human body parts by Planned Parenthood via abortion services. Currently there are approximately 197,705 people who would like the American dentist to be sent to Zimbabwe to face certain execution because he killed a lion in a protected nature preserve. 

    There is a story in the 8th chapter in the Gospel of John when a ravenous crowd are hell bent on justice and they have stones at the ready. . .at the ready. . .at the ready to cast them at a woman caught in the sin of adultery. And of course. . .this is a very serious sin. . . .But Jesus says to them. . You who are without sin. . .cast the first stone. 
I would wager that there are very few of us who have ever killed a lion. But none of us are without sin. We have all skinned a cat or two in our hearts. . .in the dark places where no one can see. We have killed reputations with gossip. We have decapitated authority with disobedience. We have lied. We have cheated. We have stolen. We have not given God his due. We have have not loved our neighbor as ourself. We have all skinned a cat. I have skinned a cat. No one sought to kill my career. No one sought my head on a platter. I was given mercy.


     There are 10,051 who would like President Obama to investigate Planned Parenthood for violations on the illegal ban of selling human body parts. There is less outrage because Planned Parenthood keeps the skins of their cats. . .inside the protected nature preserve. . . where no one can see. . .oh sure. . .the carnage is less obvious, but the blood is no less real. Yes, we should be outraged. But we should be outraged, first with ourselves. And we should remember. . .no one threw that rock when we sinned. Weep for the lion, but weep also for the dentist, the babies who were never born, whose bodies are being sold for profit and for those who justify their actions and see nothing wrong with what they are doing.

C.S. Lewis once said . . .

     “To be a Christian means to forgive the unforgiveable. . .Because God forgave the unforgiveable in you.”


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